16 December 2020

Adani responds to ABC claims on Myanmar human rights allegations

The following statement can be attributed to an Adani spokesperson in response to the article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Importantly, the ABC makes a number of false claims in the story. For example, they claim that Adani Ports and Special Economic Zones (APSEZ), is building a rail line for the Carmichael coal mine. This is incorrect. Furthermore, the article makes numerous allegations regarding Adani’s operations in Myanmar. The below statement addresses these claims in full.

Disappointingly, our statement was provided to ABC journalist Michael Slezak, in response to his claims. In an article of more than 1,300 words, Mr Slezak included less than 90 words from our two-page statement below.

We encourage you to read the below statement which provides full context to the allegations at hand.

“Adani does not discuss financial matters. APSEZ is a publicly listed company in India that complies with the relevant laws related to financial disclosure.

“APSEZ is not the developer or owner of the Carmichael Rail Network.

“The Adani Group takes seriously the Human Rights Council’s fact-finding report and its concerns about protecting the human rights of all people in Myanmar.

“Adani Group company, the Adani Yangon International Terminal Co Ltd, has received approval from the Myanmar Investment Commission for an investment in a new container port in the Yangon Region.

“As with all its international investments, the Adani Group has been guided by regulatory authorities and other key international guidelines and will inform the concerned authorities when we firm up the relevant agreements.

“The Myanmar Investment Commission is an entity of the Myanmar government that is governed by senior ministers and public servants including representatives of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Planning and Finance, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.

“Through its investment in the Ahlone International Port Terminal in Yangon, the Adani Group is committed to improving the local economy. This project will benefit the local community as trade volumes continue to grow in the country.

The Adani Group’s efforts to operate and maintain the port are expected to create more than 1,100 local jobs and will lead to an increase in open and inclusive economic activities, infrastructure generation and development opportunities for the people of Myanmar, the elected civilian government and local businesses.

“The port terminal will be built under the auspices of the Myanmar Port Authority, the Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communication. Details can be seen on the Commission’s website. The new container port will enable Myanmar to bring further efficiencies to the nation’s international trade by enabling cost-effective, high-volume imports and exports.

“The land where the port is proposed to be built has been leased from Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) following extensive due diligence.

“This matter does not relate any of Adani’s businesses in Australia or the Carmichael Project. All Adani’s businesses in Australia operate under Australian law and regulations.

“Adani’s proposed investment in the Myanmar port is held through Singapore-based entities and follow the strict regulations of the Singapore government. Singapore has a Memorandum of Understanding in place with Myanmar to boost partnerships in transport and logistics including port planning.

“It is important to note that many economic sanctions against Myanmar were lifted in recent years following political reforms within the country and the election of a civilian government. While some nations, including Australia, have arms embargos and travel restrictions on key members of the military in place, this does not preclude investment in the nation or business dealings with corporations such as MEC.

“The Adani Group’s vision is to help build critical infrastructure for nations across key markets and help in propelling economic development and social impacts.

“APSEZ (Adani Ports and SEZ) is the largest private port operator in India with established world-class ports located across the region.”


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